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We can supply the following textile machinery with the best quality at very competitive prices. In addition we can supply many other machines on request.
RVG1 - Raschel knitting machine for the production of complete line of bandages and gauzes for medical applications.
Working width: 1000 mm.
Gauge: from 5 up to 15
Two thread bar, working simultaneously
For the production of regular structure fabric. Tension regulating rolls for warp and weft yarns.
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RMED - High speed crochet knitting machine to produce rigid and elastic medical bandages & gauzes.
Working width: 600, 800 or 1000 mm
Gauge: 7, 10, 12, 14 or 15
Pattern bars: 3
Possibility to work from all kind of yarns.

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RANB - Automatic rolling, measuring and cutting machine for bandages for medical aplications. 
For elastic and non-elastic bandages of 50, 75, 100, 150 and 200 mm.
Number of exits: 3 or 4 (depending on model).
Electronic length and unit selection.
Automatic bandage end hitching.
Automatic stopping and bandage cutting.

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RTC2 -
Tubular crochet machine of high production and versatile use for the production of tubular elastic mesh used as protective bandage.
Interchangeable cylinders from 8 up to 120 needles.
Complete thread guide and cylinder.
Possibility to work from all kind of yarns, also covered rubber.
Density regulation system.
Elasticity regulation system (up to 300 %).
Positive feeding device for rubber or base threads.
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RPRO - Circular knitting machine for the production of tubular knitted fabrics for medical applications.
Diameter of cylinders and quantity of needles are determined case by case according to sample.
Possibility to work from all kind of yarns.
Electronic stop motion in case of needle or yarn breakage.
Density regulation system.
Positive feeding device for weft threads.
Incorporated creel for bobbins.
Take off of product in rolls in the lower part of the machine.
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RSERR - High-speed circular rib knitting machine, for the production of double jersey tubular fabrics.

Cylinder diameter: from 3” up to 26” (according to model).
Number of feeders: from 4 up to 52 (according to model).
Gauge and quantity of needles: according to sample.

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RCIRC - High speed circular rib knitting machine for the production of rib tubular fabrics to be used as compressive bandages as wrist, knee, elbow and ankle protectors.
Cylinder diameter: from 3” to 12”
Needles on cylinders: according sample.
Working system by latch needles.
Computerized Jacquard system
Design system on separate computer.
Auto stop on needle and yarn breakage.
Electronic frequency variator.
Direct feeding from creel.  

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