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Nylon steel lifting tape
Pulling nylon-steel strap, which combines incomparable flexibility, lack of elongation, exceptional resistance and endurance with an enormous strength which permits the lifting of very heavy loads. For its high and sophisticated technological qualities, its reliability and life-span, this pulling nylon-steel strap is used in spinning frames, twisters, fly frames.
Main features:
- High tensile strength
- Dimensional stability
- Maximum flexibility
- No adjustments, maintenance and lubrification
- Replaces whatever chain drive
- Perfectly oil, grease, acid proof
- Unlimited endurance
- Sold in finished pieces complete for their installation or in rolls for on site preparation and installation.

Several types available for all textile machines.
Type Thick In 10 mm width Mini pulley diameter Width min-max
Peak loading Breaking load
A mm 1 kg 70 kg 200 mm 30 mm 5/60
B mm 1.2 kg 150 kg 450 mm 40 mm 8/60
 INOX wet spin mm 1.2 kg 130 kg 400 mm 40 mm 8/60
C mm 2 kg 350 kg 1100 mm 85 mm 5/50

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