- Open End parts
- Yarn guides & ABC rings
- Top rollers
- Clearer rollers
- Rubber cots
- Rubber aprons
- Winding drums - Alu.
- Winding drums - Steel
- Bobbin holders
- Plastic accessories
- Nylon travellers
- Spinning rings
- Spindles spin. & twist.
- Spindle tapes
- Lifting tape
- Lead guide needles
- Other accessories 

Spare parts for Textile machinery
- Spares for Autoconer
- Spares for Autocoro
- Spares for Murata
- Spares for Rieter
- Spares for Volkmann
- Spares for various ohtc
- Spares for other mcs.

Textile Laboratory

Flat Transmission  and Conveyor belts

We supply replacement spare parts for Rieter textile machines. Our parts are fully compatible and are manufactured to the highest standard, ensuring equivalent performance and durability. Alwas at very competitive prices.
Spares for Rieter cards C4, C4A, C10, C50, C51, C60  

Spares for Rieter Draw Frames SB-2, SB15, SB20, SB51, SB52, RSB51, RSB851, LRSB851, RSB951.

Spares For Rieter Draw Frame D30,D35,D40

Spares for Rieter Unilap E5/3, E30, E32, Omega E35  

Spares for Rieter Comber E7/5, E7/6, E7/5A, E60, E60H, E62, E65, E66, E70, E72, E75, E76  

Spares For Rieter Speed Frame LR, LF/GS, F1/1, F5, F15 

Spares for Rieter Ring Frame GO2, G5/2, G10, G5/11, G30, G33, G35, G331, K40, K44, K441, K45.  


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