- Open End parts
- Yarn guides & ABC rings
- Top rollers
- Clearer rollers
- Rubber cots
- Rubber aprons
- Winding drums - Alu.
- Winding drums - Steel
- Bobbin holders
- Plastic accessories
- Nylon travellers
- Spinning rings
- Spindles spin. & twist.
- Spindle tapes
- Lifting tape
- Lead guide needles
- Other accessories 

Spare parts for Textile machinery
- Spares for Autoconer
- Spares for Autocoro
- Spares for Murata
- Spares for Rieter
- Spares for Volkmann
- Spares for various ohtc
- Spares for other mcs.

Textile Laboratory

Flat Transmission  and Conveyor belts

Our travellers are identified by a number that indicates the weight of the travellers in mg. and by a letter or word indicating its form.
These are the different kinds of travellers:

C: a balanced form with rounded angles enhancing the yarn passage and the circulation of the travellers in the ring.

Antiwedge: a form specially designed for carding yarn, worsted yarns and their mixtures with polyamides.

Round: a variant of type C.

L: recommended for voluminous yarns, yarns used in carpets, blankets, ropes, fantasy, etc...

Fantasy: a variant of type L, where the yarn passes independently. From this form, the yarn does not get dirty and fibres are prevented from sticking inside the travellers, thus reducing breakages.

J: designed for 17.1 mm conic rings. (43/64”) and 17.4 mm. (11/16”)

KM:  recommended for voluminous yarns.
Polymer: same characteristics as type C.

Our travellers are manufactured in various hardnesses:
N-12: suitable for delicate yarns (continuous filaments, fine fibre yarns, rayon, etc...)
N30: suitable for abrasive yarns (carding threads, wool, worsted, blankets, carpets, packets, glass fibre, jute, hemp, linen, rope, crochet, etc...)
Supernylon: suitable for super-abrasive yarns.
In special cases, yarns can be manufactured off catalogue with hardnesses from N-0 (loose) to N-50 (very hard).



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