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ALFARIMEX, S.A. was founded in the early 60's by Mr. Alfred Farran with the aim of manufacturing and exporting a wide range of textile machinery, as well as accessories, spare parts and related articles. 

Most of the Company's sales are focused on European, Middle East, North African and South American countries.

ALFARIMEX, S.A. has gained wide recognition for its sales and after-sale service network throughout the mentioned areas, having got branch offices staffed by highly qualified personnel, located in the major business centres.

Thanks to the flexibility and versatility of its organization, ALFARIMEX, S.A. is able to adapt to the particular requirements of each client.

ALFARIMEX, S.A. places its Engineering and Organization Department at the service of the Textile Companies for the fulfilment of any kind of textile mills.

The achievement of these services may be channeled either for the implementation of new Mills or for the extension of existing ones and their reorganization.

ALFARIMEX, S.A. long experience and Engineering Department consisting of highly qualified experienced Engineers enables us to deliver complete factories on a “turn-key” basis, with the necessary facilities for going ahead with standard production at maximum efficiency.



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